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Our purpose is not only to serve meals, but to create a ‘social hub’ for our biopôle partners to come and relax, find freshness and energy, and to make each meal a moment of shared pleasure.

We are committed to sustainability. Most of our packaging is 100% compostable, and in some cases we use recycled plastics and PET. We are good for the environment......are you? 

Fresh, fast and healthy meals for everyone

Le Café @biopôle located at Esplanade is at your service, and offers fresh and healthy snacks, food ‘petite restauration’ combined with a range of hot and cold drinks. 

Our breakfast offering includes on-site baked viennoiserie, granola, muesli, fresh fruits and juices to give you the right start for the day.


Seasonal and fresh local food are the key ingredients to our all-day offerings, of soups, sandwiches, salads, quiches, bowls and complete meals. Though, it might be difficult to resist our cookies, brownies and delicious desserts!


A fresh experience......each time

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